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Paradym removes the hard parts of digital identity infrastructure. Issue and verify credentials, and profit from our built-in support for the leading identity standards and regulations

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Create and issue certificates with the push of a button

Paradym handles the hosted infrastructure and timely execution, you just let it know what and when to issue.

Paradym Phone

Verify identity documents and use the results in your solution

Enable your users to share verified information when it suits them and integrate the verification results into your existing systems.

Paradym Laptop

Use the API to issue and verify

Use Paradym's developer API's to integrate digital identity into your solution with the exact standards, credentials, and functionality you want.

Paradym API

Combine issuing, verifying, and other actions to automate your identity process

With Paradym’s workflow builder you can create complex workflows to handle your custom needs by combining YAML actions.

Paradym Workflow

Easy to build, even easier to integrate

With Paradym, you can set up digital identity infrastructure in minutes, so you can focus on integrating it into your application. No standards or specifications to implement, or hours lost in obscure code repositories and working groups, but sensible APIs and an intuitive builder that allow you to issue and verify digital credentials.

The Paradym ecosystem consists of the Paradym low-code workflow builder, straightforward developer API's, the free & open-source Paradym identity wallet and a powerful mediator. Because Paradym supports all mature standards you can swap out any of those solutions for your own, or use the complete suite for an easy end-to-end setup.

Create reusable templates to issue or verify

Configure credential templates and presentation templates in the dashboard or through the API. Once set-up, track your templates' activity in the dashboard.


Built for everyone

Use a template or build your solution from the ground up. You decide on the approach, we assist with examples, code suggestions, and extensive documentation.


Customize for your use case

Specifically not a closed ecosystem, Paradym helps you combine solutions and standards into your ideal tech stack.


Hosted infrastructure

No headaches with managing infrastructure. We deploy agents and manage the load of your growing userbase.


Connect everywhere

Connect and exchange data with other tools, systems, or services, integrate your application with existing solutions and ecosystems.


Scale your product

Automate whatever task fits your needs, no matter the size of your business or use case. Paradym can handle it all with automatic scaling and load distribution.

Use Zapier to connect Paradym to thousands of apps

Leverage Zapier's powerful automation capabilities to integrate Paradym with thousands of apps. Create custom solutions without writing a line of code.

Possibilities are limitless

Use the flexible setup to create custom use case solutions that perfectly align with your requirements.

OpenID4VC support

Choose to move ahead with aligning with the European ecosystem.

Credential branding

Create credentials with a custom look-and-feel in our credential template builder.

AnonCreds credentials

Securely and privately share information with the use of AnonCreds.

DIDComm based

Enable secure and private communication through DIDComm protocols.

Selective-Disclosure JWTs

Support for issuance and verification of SD-JWT credentials.


Get started quickly with common templates for issuers and verifiers.

Build your Paradym

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