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digital identity

Paradym is the easiest way to build self-sovereign identity solutions. It is currently in Open Beta.

We are solving the usability problem

Are you done worrying about infrastructure, standards, or protocols and ready to focus on building your solution? Paradym is a YAML-based workflow builder that enables you to build custom issuer, holder, and verifier flows by combining pre-defined actions. Built by self-sovereign identity experts specifically for you to shorten your roadmap.

Unlike other self-sovereign identity platforms, Paradym is not a consumer-UI to issue or verify specific credentials. It is a developer workflow automation SaaS that replaces large parts of your custom backend implementation of frameworks, APIs, or libraries. The syntax is comparable to GitHub Actions and just as easy to use.

Use verifiable credentials like you use any other technology

Seamlessly leverage self-sovereign-identity capabilities without the need for complex technical implementations or extensive training.


Built for everyone

Use a template or build your workflow from the ground up. You decide on the approach, we assist with examples, code suggestions, and extensive documentation.


Customize for your use case

You have full control over the logic and flow of your workflows. Create your own custom actions or use pre-built ones that link together intuitively.


Publish to deploy

Deploy your custom workflow at the press of a button. Once deployed, simply execute the workflow through API calls and let it scale as your user base grows.


Connect everywhere

Connect and exchange data with other tools, systems, or services, integrate your workflow into existing solutions and ecosystems.


Scale your product

Automate whatever task fits your needs, no matter the size of your business or use case. Paradym can handle it all with automatic scaling and load distribution.

Possibilities are limitless

Unleash your creativity to create custom workflows that perfectly align with your requirements.

Action library.

A vast library of pre-built actions to choose from when building your workflow.

AnonCreds support.

Securely and privately share information with the use of AnonCreds.

DIDComm based.

Enable secure and private communication through DIDComm protocols.

Multi-ledger support.

Support for multiple ledgers, including the cheqd and Indy ledger.


Get started quickly with common templates for issuers and verifiers.

Custom actions.

Build custom actions or intuitively link available actions, to exactly fit your user journey.

Build your Paradym

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