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Didcomm Custom messages

June 12, 2024

New feature

DIDComm and AnonCreds API

June 8, 2024

New feature
AnonCreds credential template

Revocation of SD-JWT credentials

June 7, 2024

New feature
SD-JWT VC revocation

You can now revoke SD-JWT VCs, allowing you to invalidate a credential after is has been issued. To allow revocation on an SD-JWT VC, you must enable the revocable configuration option (in the dashboard or through the API). You can revoke a credential (or multiple) using the new Batch Revocation endpoint.

Direct issuance of SD-JWT VC

In addition to revocation for SD-JWT VCs, it's now also possible to directly issue an SD-JWT VC without using OpenID4VC as an exchange protocol. You can start issuing SD-JWT VCs directly using the new Issuance API.

Use did:web DID for AnonCreds credential templates

May 6, 2024

New feature

You can now use your did:web DID from your profile in for AnonCreds credential templates in the builder. Earlier we released support for using your did:web DID for DIDComm invitations, and with this addition you can now use your did:web for whole the issuance and verification flow of AnonCreds credentials as well.

Read more on using did:web in credential templates in the docs.

Use did:web DID for DIDComm invitations

May 1, 2024

New featureBug fix

You can now use your did:web DID from your profile in DIDComm invitations. This allows external wallets to recognize your DID (as it's a stable cryptographically verifiable identifier), as well as reuse existing connections. External wallets can recognize they already have a connection with your agent, and choose to reuse the existing connection.

Usage of did:web is available in the workflow builder for the didcomm/createConnection, didcomm/createInvitation, didcomm/createCredentialIssuanceInvitation and didcomm/createPresentationRequestInvitation actions, and will soon also be available in the DIDComm API.

Update and archive templates from dashboard

You can now update and archive credential and presentation templates in the dashboard. Templates are not static, and thus you should be able to modify and archive them. We also updated the credential and presentation templates API to archive instead of delete templates. As there's often metadata published to ledgers and credentials issued based on templates, archiving allows for better insights in the history of your project.

Multiple projects and collaborators limited to Pro and Custom tier

April 29, 2024

Breaking changeBug fix

When we first introduced multi-project with support for collaborators into Paradym, we enabled the feature for everyone to try it out and see how the multi-project functionality worked in practice.

In the latest update we've limited creating and managing multiple projects, including adding new members to a project, to the Pro and Custom tiers. Any projects that you created will remain active but if you're on the Free tier you won't be able to create new projects, or add collaborators anymore until your account is upgraded. You can always remove members from a project, independant of your current tier.

You can read more on managing projects and collaborators in the documentation.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • Performance improvements to the landing page.

Writing to cheqd mainnet disabled for Free tier

April 24, 2024

Breaking changeBug fix

Due to some issues with the Cheqd testnet we had temporarily enabled writing to the Cheqd mainnet for the Free tier. This has now been reverted, and only accounts on the Pro or Custom tier are able to write to the Cheqd mainnet again. Any DIDs, Schemas and Credential Definitions that have been created on the mainnet during this period can still be used.

Removal of teamId from webhook events

The teamId property has been deprecated for a while with the introduction of projects, and has now been removed from webhook events. You should update your webhook handler to use the projectId property (the value is the same).

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • The payloads for webhook events were showing an incorrect structure in the docs, and did not match the actual webhook that was sent by Paradym.
  • Fixed an invalid link to the API reference in the documentation.
  • Fixed an issue where the total transactions usage for an account was showing an incorrect value.

New dashboard, API and support for OpenID4VC with SD-JWT!

April 15, 2024

New featureBug fixBreaking change
Credential branding.

We've been working hard on a new dashboard, API and support for OpenID4VC with SD-JWT. You can read more about it in our announcement.

Pricing Changes

We have removed the Showcase tier, and lowered the entry price for the Pro tier to €25. We've also enabled usage based pricing on the Pro tier, allowing Paradym to scale with your needs. See the updated pricing page for more information.

DIDComm DID Exchange protocol updated to 1.1

The protocol has been updated to version 1.1. DIDComm compliant implementations should handle minor version upgrades without problems, but it may cause some unexpected behaviour if you're not using the Paradym Wallet.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • A bug causing workflow execution error webhooks to not fire for agent-side errors has been fixed.

Deprecated routes removal

March 22, 2024

Breaking change

As announced on February 15th 2024, we removed multiple routes. The routes now require the projectId in the url. The current routes can be found in the Paradym API Reference.

The routes that got removed
  • POST: /v1/workflows/yaml
  • GET: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}/yaml
  • PUT: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}/yaml
  • POST: /v1/executions
  • GET: /v1/executions
  • GET: /v1/executions/{workflowExecutionId}
  • GET: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}
  • DELETE: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}
  • POST: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}/publish
  • POST: /v1/workflows/{workflowId}/unpublish
  • GET: /v1/workflows

Filtering workflows

March 19, 2024

New featureBug fix
An image displaying how workflows can be filtered in the workflow overview.

We added filters to the workflow overview, making it a whole lot clearer to work in! Click the filter button next to the search field, and choose your desired filter.

Link to docs from action

To make working with actions as easy as possible, you can now navigate to the documentation directly from the used action. Simply add the action you need, and click on “Go to action documentation”.

Goal codes

You can now add goal codes to the createPresentationRequestInvitation, createInvitation, createCredentialIssuanceInvitation, and createConnection actions. This way you can communicate the purpose of a connection or request.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • A bug causing workflow execution error webhooks to not fire for agent-side errors has been fixed.