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Reference to project ID

February 27, 2024

An image displaying where the project identifier is placed.

The reference to the project ID has been moved to Settings. Here you can easily copy the ID if you need it to interact with the API.

Request a feature or report a bug

You can now request a feature and report a bug within the platform. Find the options under your profile icon, write a short description, and send it. We will take it into account when prioritizing items on our backlog.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • In a project you are collaborating in, you can now find the email of the project’s owner under Settings.
  • When registering a credential definition or schema, it will now first check if it already exists.
  • The log in and sign up forms have been improved to work better with password managers.
  • An issue with the shortcuts in the workflow editor has been resolved.
  • An issue with scrolling to the bottom of the workflow editor has been resolved.
  • Paradym Wallet: The accept and decline buttons are no longer behind the system buttons on Android devices.
  • Paradym Wallet: The notification pop up can now be closed by swiping up or by pressing the 'x'.
  • Paradym Wallet: Longer names are now truncated to fit better.

Breaking changes to the Paradym API

February 15, 2024

Breaking change

The Paradym API has been changed. You are now required to include a project identifier in the URL when making a request. The projectId can be found in the URL when you are on the Paradym dashboard.

More info on the change can be found on the executing via the API page in our documentation or in the Paradym API Swagger UI.

The old API routes have been deprecated. They will continue to work until March 14th 14:00 CEST. After that, the routes will be removed.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • The API keys tab has been replaced in favor of a link under your profile icon.
  • A demo workflow has been added that allows you to issue a credential without setting up a credential template.
  • Version is now an optional value when creating a presentation request.
  • A bug was fixed that conflicted with fetching the latest workflow input while having the executions tab in the builder.

New "ourDid" and "theirDid" properties added to didcomm connection

February 5, 2024


The DidcommConnection model returned in the didcomm/createConnection@v1 and didcomm/receiveInvitation@v1 actions now includes two new properties: ourDid and theirDid. The properties can be used to view which DID is used by both parties involved in the connection. This is especially useful when building a custom wallet to integrate with Paradym.

Execute workflows from the dashboard

February 1, 2024

New feature
An image displaying how you can execute workflows from the dashboard.

You can now execute published workflows directly from the dashboard. Afterwards you'll be automatically redirected to view the execution results.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • Presentations can now also be requested using only a schemaId in the restrictions of the request.
  • The documentation will now correctly change the color of the Paradym logo in dark mode.
  • The 'Register Credential Template' now requires you to input at least 1 attribute to register a Credential.
  • Fixed an issue with the width of the Paradym logo on the dashboard in Safari.

Improved documentation structure

January 25, 2024

An image displaying the new documentation structure.

The Paradym Documentation has been restructured to give you quick access to all the actions available. The new structure also adds more visibility to the Paradym tutorials.

Add comments alongside DIDComm requests

You can now provide more context when issuing or verifying credentials by sending an optional comment with the request.

Improved access to the documentation

January 18, 2024

An image displaying the documentation link next to the profile icon.

The workflow tab has been removed and replaced with a link to the documentation right next to your profile icon. You'll now start directly on the executions tab where you can also find the workflow ID for executing via the API.

Reuse input values from previous execution

January 4, 2024

New feature
An image displaying the new checkbox that allows you to load input values from the previous run.

When running your workflow, you can now reuse the values of your previous run. Go to a workflow, hit that Run button and check the box.

Updated dashboard layout

The dashboard has been revamped with some new tabs and improved layout. You can now navigate directly to your API keys or Webhooks from within the dashboard. They are no longer under the Settings tab.

Change project name

We added the ability to update the name of your project, as well as your agent. Go to the Settings tab, fill in your desired name and click on 'Update'.

 Bugfixes and improvements
  • Non existing articles will now correctly show a 404 page.
  • Clicking the label from a checkbox will now also tick the box.